Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Voice Highlights

And just like that half of this years contestants on "The Voice" are gone. This week started the brutal "Knockout" rounds where teammates are pitted against one another, forced to sing one song for their life, and then their coach picks between the two on who will continue to the live shows. 

There were a few surprises that came out of  nowhere this week but for the most part you could easily pick who was going to win each battle from the start. I will still say that I think that team Adam is far superior than anyone else. The talent on his team is unbelievable and in my opinion he will have the two contestants that go to the finals (more on that in a second). 

As for the part that I do not like about this show and his name is Blake Shelton. I get it, the guy is a country artist, he has won this show before and he thinks he knows what he is doing. But I'm sorry but it is not fair of you to pick a country artist over a better artist on your team strictly because 'you want to focus on country'. That is not the name of the show and you sent some people home this week that should still be there. Shame. 

**Rant Over**

Back to the good music. I will say this again that I do think this show will come down to two competitors. Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons. Both showed their power this week with their solo songs. Different styles but both complete knockouts. 

Judith's Battle:

Sarah's Battle (she sings second)

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