Wednesday, May 29, 2013

'The Voice' Eliminations

Well last night America failed me yet again. I don't know why I feel invested in shows that don't care about me but yet again my hopes that America would actually choose a talented winner of 'The Voice' were ended in one elimination. My two favorite singers (probably the best in the competition) Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons were eliminated from the show leaving mostly country artists on Team Blake to battle it out.

I know that this country loves its country music but if you were to say that that girl Holly or the terrible duo of the Swan Brothers were better then Judith or Sarah, you need to clean your ears out.

These girls basically slayed the entire competition only to get voted out of the Top 8. 

I should have known after who they picked for winners the last two seasons (anyone remember them or hear from them since? Because I haven't). This show can not pick a good winner, never has, never will.

And with that I'm done watching for the Season and probably for the duration of this show. 

I know I sound bitter but I am. :) Aren't I allowed to be?

Moving on to bigger and better things hope everyone's Wednesday is off to a good start.

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