Thursday, April 7, 2011

Currently Downloading: Lelia Broussard

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Meet Lelia Broussard. 

I'm right now on her website reading her bio while listening to her song and I'm instantly falling in love with her sound and her personality. This is easily an artist that I can tell, well we would be friends. Why? Easy. Her bio is in bullet points! ha. Amazing. 

Here are some of my favorites:
-First concert, paul simon age 3 the cajun dome in Louisiana. Cool.
-Cajun Dome again, age 6, sang Patsy Cline's "Crazy" in front of 15,000 people, they cheered, that was cooler. 
-I once had 15 cats, creepy right?
-The first song I wrote was about my orthodontist.
-Moved to NY when I was 17
-Waited tables, got fired for yelling at my boss (he was a special kind of douche)
-I've been an under paid full time musician ever since (hope that will change)
-moved to LA
-Met Snoop Dogg (I like to call him Mr. Dogg) at the Grammy's (did I say met? I mean I saw him)
-Wrote a song about a sad robot in love called "Satellite"
-Tour everywhere 2010/2011
-Also, this is happening now.

See... shes great. Now listen to her music and go buy her album on itunes now. Its under $10.
Your welcome.

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