Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess Who's Back?

Thats right y'all. Britneys back bitches. 
(Sorry I had to)

But yes, Brittany is on her way to a full and complete comeback. Why am I so certain? No idea. But for some reason this time feels a lot better then the last time when she tried to do the MTV Video Awards and bombed and went back into hiding. 

She is in shape. She is off the drugs. She has her life in order. And well the number one way you know that Brittany is back is her dancing. Girl actually can move. Its the one thing she can do well. Yes the one thing. 

So okay Brittany lets see what you got. Do I think you are the most talented singer in the world? Hell no. But are your videos pretty fun to watch. Of course. And does this song get stuck in your head like "Hit Me Baby One More Time". 


Welcome home Britt. Hope you stay well and out of gas station bathrooms. 

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