Monday, April 4, 2011

Sara Ramirez on Grey's Anatomy

I remember vividly the day that I read that Grey's Anatomy signed Sara Ramirez on to play Callie. You see for anyone who loves Broadway like I do, would not be surprised by this move. You see the year was 2005, the play was the ever so popular Spamalot based on the 1975 play Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The stage show was a huge success. Sara won a Tony for her performance of Lady of the Lake. She was just an unbelievable presence on that stage. Everyone was blown away....

The following year she road the wave of her Broadway success and got what was at the time an unheard of offer from ABC. They basically told her "go to our prime time lineup, pick a show, and we will write you a role". Are you kidding? For someone who was only on Broadway this was unheard of! After careful consideration Sara picked the hit show Grey's Anatomy (noting that she was a fan) and soon took up residency as Dr. Callie Torres at Seattle Grace. 

I was ecstatic! I loved Sara and her voice and just couldn't wait to see how Grey's would use her talents. Well the last four years she has been used very very well. Shes easily one of my favorite characters due to the emotions she brings to the roles. Its just very inspirational to watch. 

Well this could not be more true after her performance on Thursday night. For the first time Grey's decided to have a musical episode. I know...crazy. But thanks to Sara Ramirez and some other very talented actors they were able to kind of pull it off. I say kind of because well, it was all pretty messy of a concept, but overall it was good music so I'll give them credit for even trying.

So basically the entire episode was about Callie, while pregnant she went on a drive with her girlfriend Arizona. While on this drive, they tragically were involved in a car accident sending Callie back to the hospital where she works. Doctors tried and tried and tried to save her life and the life of her unborn child. The episode all came down to one last song. While singing "The Story" Sara/Callie basically shows everyone who is boss. 

To tell you that I had goosebumps while watching this is an understatement. As soon as it was finished I went back and watched it again. That wonderful. This girl in this five minute performance just earned herself a very well deserved Emmy nomination. If you can not feel this performance and all of Callie's emotions, well you are cold. Yeah I said it. 

Bravo Sara. Bravo Grey's. I'm glad that you have found your fit.

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  1. I love Sara Ramirez when she sings. She is my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy but this is my favorite episode because she is just an amazing singer.