Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I Love Michael Scott.... In Picture Form.

Tonight we lose the 'Worlds Best Boss'. Steve Carrel's final show on The Office is tonight at 9pm and well the fact its 8 hours before the show and I'm already emotional will tell you how much I will miss him. 

I have watched this show since day 1. (I used to watch it when it was the English version on BBC). Steve was always my favorite. Sometimes hes so good that its hard to watch some of the scenes. 

So tonight, tune in, say goodbye and well you know there will be at least one more "thats what she said" moment. Sigh. I'm sad.

So to brighten my mood I will bring you my favorite Michael Scott moments in picture form!

<i>Season 1, Episode 2</i><br><br> Michael hijacking a meeting which he made happen was bad enough. The insulting impression of an Indian convenience-store owner in front of Kelly (earning a justified slap in the face) was way worse -- and also the first sign that this show might have a chance of following in its British predecessor's footsteps.
"Diversity Day"

<i>Season 2, Episode 12</i><br><br> A tour de force of cringe, from Michael's makeshift bubble-wrap cast to trying to equate himself to the disabled building manager to not recognizing that Dwight has given himself a concussion in his haste to care for his boss/mentor/hero.
"The Injury" (yes that is a make shift bubble wrap cast)

<i>Season 3, Episode 1</i><br><br> More than 100 episodes of "The Office" have aired since this one first did, but we still don't think we've seen a more uncomfortable conference-room moment than Michael kissing Oscar in an attempt to show his acceptance that Oscar's gay. Yikes.
"Gay Witch Hunt"

<i>Season 3, Episode 6</i><br><br> Season 3 was a symphony of cover-your-eyes behavior from Michael. It began with this episode, in which Michael uses the occasion of Kelly inviting everyone to a Diwali celebration to propose to Carol (Nancy Walls Carell). Suffice to say it does not go as he planned.

<i>Season 3, Episode 12</i><br><br> Always, <i>always</i> double-check your e-mail recipients. And don't bring a steel drum to the office.
"Back from Vacation" 

<i>Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2</i><br><br> Pam walks in on Michael changing his pants, which is something she (and we) can never unsee. And yes, he did say "come in."
"Fun Run"

<i>Season 4, Episodes 3 and 4</i><br><br> If your GPS told you drive into a lake, would you? Even if you were sort of trying to make a point about the value of human interaction vs. the power of technology? Michael Scott would.
"Dunder Mifflin Infinity" 
If your GPS told you to drive into a lake would you? Michael would. 

<i>Season 5, Episode 9</i><br><br> Still despondent over Holly's relocation to Nashua, Michael tries to get her back by performing the worst frame-up in the history of crime, planting "marijuana" -- actually Caprese salad -- in Toby's desk. Note to Mr. Scott: Weed does not smell like basil.
"Frame Toby"
The Toby-Michael dynamic is one of my all time favorites "Toby is in HR, which technically means he works for corporate, so he's really not a part of our family. Also, he's divorced, so he's really not a part of his family."

<i>Season 6, Episode 12</i><br><br> In our opinion, promising a group of kids free college educations, then utterly failing to deliver when the bill came due is hands down the worst thing Michael has ever done. We wondered for a good long time after this one whether Michael was redeemable at all.
"Scotts Tots" 
Worst thing Michael has ever done: promising kids to send them to college then bailing when the bill came. 

Finally the Christmas episodes were always my favorites

Bye Michael Scott. Don't know how the show will continue without you....

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