Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Be As Cool As Missy Higgins

One day I'm going to be a cool rock star. Not really. But I can dream right?

I want my story to ready like Missy Higgins. She began her music career singing standards with her older brother's band when she was just 13. She was thrust into the limelight in 2001 when she won a national songwriting competition run by an influential national alternative radio network while still in high school. Instead of capitalizing on the moment, she chose to backpack around Europe before returning home and releasing an eponymous EP that topped the indie charts in late 2003.

She has not looked back since. 

I've wrote about her before and this one will not be the last post about her. She is really a fresh face on the music scene that really could care less about being famous but more about connecting with people. How can you tell? Check out the live performance of her song "This is How it Goes"

So real. She knows she doesn't have to depend on anything else than her music and lyrics.

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