Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'The Voice' As Good As Expected!

The Voice

Last night in between watching 90 minutes of Glee I taped NBC's "The Voice" and was able to speed through it and well, somewhere in between all of those damn commercials I feel in love with the show. 

Why? Because it is an easy simple concept. Take four super stars at the top of their game. Give them all an opportunity to hear new artists with out seeing them first (blind auditions) and then compete with each other to make the best 'team' of singers to compete against one another. 


I mean the blind audition part alone is a reason to tune into the show. Artists that you know would never make it on a show like American Idol are given the opportunity because of their voice. Its the way that the music business should operate but it doesn't.

Check out my two favorite performers of the night last night:

First Vicci Martinez came out and killed Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'. An extremely tough song to sing (trust me I know I try in the shower every morning). She kills it, and you can tell the burst of confidence she got when she saw those judges turn around her chair. 

Second is a singer girl named Xenia. And her story almost had me in tears. Just watch the whole video and see how this shy girl who says that 'many classmates are going to be shocked to hear I can even sing' blew me away last night. This is the reason I will be watching the rest of the show. Love feel good stories. 

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