Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Bowl Time

I will make this post simple and easy. This Sunday is the Super Bowl. This is my feelings towards this game.

1. I do not care who wins, I'm actually rooting for a hole to open up on the 50 and for both teams to fall in. To have to watch either one bring home a championship will be heart breaking. 
2. It gives me another opportunity to see where my Jets have just failed this past season.
3. Madonna's half time show I'm sure will be fantastic (in the most sarcastic tone possible)
4. What I am looking forward to if I actually watch. I guess the only thing that could even be somewhat entertaining (even though they have failed to do so in the last few years). Commercials.

Here are a sneak peek of two of them. One from Seinfeld and one with Matthew Broderick. 

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