Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oprah and Lance. What To Do...

Tonight is the epic Oprah and Lance interview where he will admit to the world that he has in fact taken performance enhancing drugs. I love me everything Oprah (its a small downfall of mine) I don't think that I can watch tonight.

 Its not that I am mad about the drug use (I think its just silly) but what I'm most mad about is how much of an asshole Lance was denying his drug use. He literally threw tons of people under the bus, ruined peoples reputations, was smug and didn't come clean even when he knew he was wrong. Now we are all supposed to just watch Oprah tonight see him skirt around the truths only because now the statue of limitations is over and he can't get in trouble? Oh please. You are a jerk. I'm glad your wins were taken away. You cheated. You lied. You didn't come clean and you hid behind your non profit. 

Wrong on so many levels. 

Here is a great video of him denying everything...

Best of luck to you Lance and Oprah I hope this brings a billion viewers to your channel. You can just count me out of this one.

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