Thursday, January 13, 2011

Too Important Not To Post

I am an American. 

Because of that, I have been right there with the rest of the country in absolute shock about the events that happened last Saturday out in Arizona. They were senseless, unnecessary and yet another reminder on how things can change on a dime. 

Last night as I sat down to watch my normal night of television my programs were cut off by the memorial service out in Arizona. I sat there stone faced on my couch watching and hanging on every word. How could this have happened? To such innocent people? A 9 year old girl? A man who was just engaged? It just doesn't seem fair. 

In the face of tragedy last night; President Obama and his wife First Lady Michelle made the trip to Arizona to make what I think is a very important speech for our country. He stood tall in front of this grieving crowd, he spoke from his heart. Thirty minutes later I'm still stone faced on my couch hanging on every word. The President did a fantastic job.

America lets have this not divide us.

This speech is too important not to share. 

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