Friday, January 21, 2011


If I owned the T-Shirt above I would wear it every single day.

Today is one of those days where I woke up on the bright side. I looked in the mirror this morning thought about my last week, thought about my weekend ahead, stared back into the mirror and just smiled. 

I don't know how I deserved to have such a blessed life. I have probably one of the greatest families imaginable (we have our moments...but who doesn't), I have the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for, I love my job more then I ever thought, and the life that I'm making for myself here in Richmond, Va has turned into everything I thought it might be. 

You see I don't let many moments pass me by without participating in them. I learned at an early age that if there was something out there that you wanted, or that you wanted to participate in, there is no waiting on the sidelines. There is no coach in life that is going to put you in the game. You have to be a willing participant in your own life. And well I think that is a lesson that I have brought with me the most. 

I try and do participate in every activity that I think will bring joy to my life. I try not to miss an opportunity to see my favorite bands play, to visit my friends across the country or to most of all just enjoy my daily routine. I get up and go on trips at the last minute, I do not save for the rainy day in the future. I live for right now.

Example. This weekend I'm packing my bags and headed to Pittsburgh to join my family on Sunday for the AFC Championship game featuring our NY Jets. Now I know how lucky it is that not only am I able to get myself up to Pitt, but that we have tickets. I know all of this. But what I'm most looking forward to is spending time with my family. With my Dad and brothers outside the holiday settings. We can drink beer, share some laughs, and cheer on our team. I have learned to cherish these moments the most. To remember that we won't always have them. To take pictures, take mental notes and again just be present. 

I love my life. Does it mean its perfect. No by any means. But do I love every single part of it. Yup I sure do. Thank you to everyone who makes me feel like this on a daily basis. But most of all shout out to my parents who have instilled my ability to be happy with who I am all the time. Whatever my day brings. I don't think I had ever heard that I couldn't do anything from them. (Besides jumping out the bay window into the bushes below while in middle school... they didn't like me doing that too much...)

So today I thank everyone in the world who has enabled me to have my smile today. 
Yes I know this is a little sappy for a music blog but sometimes you just need to say it. 

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