Monday, January 3, 2011

The Music Business in 2011

"In other words if you are a one hit wonder, someone in all the magazines but with no real fans... you're fucked"

This really isn't a post about Phish... well not really. Its more about the music business and where it is heading. These last three nights of concerts at MSG Phish did something that they had never done before. They did a live video broadcast feed to their fans at home unable to make the show. They charged either 39.99 for all three nights or about 19.99 for each night individually. Many true phans were happy to shell out the cash to see their favorite band play for three nights... and the fans in turn got a treat from the band and got to feel as if they were almost right inside themselves.

You see its now 2011. The game has changed. There is youtube. Camera phones. HD handheld cameras. You must keep up with technology or else the game will blow right by you. 

I saw the following article posted and thought that it needed to be on here. It talks about how a band like Phish will make it in 2011 easily due to who they are. They are a live band with a whole army of songs. They are able to give away certain things (like downloads to the show) in exchange their fans will gladly support when they do something like MSG. It works. Easy.

"And unlike Justin Timberlake, Phish didn’t have to sell its soul to Mickey D’s, whore itself out to a corporation to be lovin’ it.  They just followed the yellow brick road of music all the way to Madison Square Garden, three nights in a row, with no hit singles, no ubiquitous television coverage, none of the things the rule makers tell you you need in order to make it."

Read the Article HERE

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