Friday, January 14, 2011

My Ode to Stevie Nicks

If you asked me about my favorite all time female singers it would be a 100 year debate between Janis Joplin and the following artist. I have thought since a very young age the following....

"When I grow up I hope I can be half as cool as Stevie Nicks"

Seriously, thats what I used to sit in my bedroom screaming the lyrics to "Landslide" thinking of. Yet took till I got a little older to realize the powerhouse this lady is. She is just magical. Forget her background. Lets just talk straight voice. There is nothing else to describe it then magical. Its one of a kind. Its raspy. Its honest. Its as close to perfect as it gets. I'm telling you I can sit and talk about her voice alone and the range and notes that she hits in the style only Stevie could. 

Check out this live performance of one of my favorite songs of hers. "Stand Back"  from 1983. Amazing.

Seeing a concert of hers is on my musical bucket list. 

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