Monday, January 3, 2011

Official Pictures

So in case you haven't heard me talk about what I was doing this weekend. (And if you haven't well you obviously haven't had a conversation with me in a few months....) 

I packed up my bags and headed back on the road to bring in 2011 with some of my favorite people and my favorite band. The three nights of music at MSG were absolutely unbelievable. Every night they topped themselves from the night before... leaving me completely speechless on the train ride back to Virginia. 

This band is back people. Back!

As I collect my thoughts at work this morning and start processing my pictures here are some pictures from Phish's official photographer. Amazing. 

 Night One: 12-30-2010

(This basically sums up the feeling of seeing a Phish show at MSG)

Night Two: 12-31-2010

Can NOT believe they actually played this

Pre-Midnight Multi-Cultural Meatstick Dance! 

Happy 2011!!!

Night Three: 1-1-11 (First ever Phish New Years Day Show)

Trey singing Fee

During the encore they came to the front.... and yes Page is rocking a key-tar! 

Thank you boys! 

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