Monday, March 25, 2013

It's A New Week

I again apologize for my lack of posting last week. It was a rough week and I just didn't have time to get on here. Hopefully that is all corrected and we are in for a good week. One thing I am looking forward to is a visit from my mom this weekend for Easter. Only a work week between now and then... lets do this.

Here are a few thoughts for Monday morning:

-My NCAA bracket is completely busted. There is little to no hope for me left. That being said the games this weekend were a lot of fun to watch and reminded me why watching college basketball is so much fun. If you missed it google Florida Gulf Coast University. They are fun to watch.

-It snowed again here in Richmond yesterday. It would have been nice if this actually came in January but it is now March and I want my springtime.

-A collection of rare photos from the Beatles Shea Stadium concert just sold for over $45,000 at an auction. Please hold while I call my mom and scold her for not bringing her camera that night.

-A $300 million dollar powerball ticket was sold in Passiac, NJ. I knew I should have never left the state.

-I finished the series House of Cards last night. If you have a netflix account or access to the internet. Sign up for a free trail and watch this show immediately. Amazing.

-Stevie Nicks (one of my favorites) was on Oprah's Life Class last night. It was super interesting. Especially the story she told about before she was famous, she used to dress exactly like how she dresses now and would walk through an airport and wonder to herself "why aren't people looking at me.. why aren't they noticing me... don't they know who I am" because the lesson you must learn from Stevie is rock stars are born and not made. They believe in themselves way before you hold them in high regard. Like Stevie... she always knew and will always know that she is a bad ass rock star.

"I think that... my life is a testament to believing that if you want something you can make it happen"

"Time waits for no one and things can end tomorrow. If there is stuff you want to know.... find out!"

Here is her cover of Free Fallin':

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