Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Next Stop Colorado

Well I don't know what I did....but I must have done something right in this world lately. I woke up to the best news ever this morning when I checked my bank account and saw the a huge amount holding under the description "Phish Tickets". Thats right... the lottery actually worked for me again and I have myself tickets to all three nights of their run out in Colorado during Labor Day. I can not be more excited about this news.

In other news to anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate Jeopardy. I could go on for about an hour why...but I just do. I'm not smart enough for 90% of the answers and I don't understand why people know some of this obscure stuff. Anyways for some ridiculous reason I had it on while I was cooking dinner last night (which bombed fyi) and I couldn't believe myself when I saw the question that ended one of the rounds.

Its about the only time I confidently knew an answer on this show.

Phish for the Win!!!

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