Monday, March 11, 2013

The Newsroom

I can confidently say that after only 48 hours of watching this show that HBO's The Newsroom was the best television series to debut in 2012. (Editors note: I have 3 episodes left in the season and they are hour long episodes, thats how addicted I have become and I'm actually sad that I will finish it tonight... carrying on)

No lies. Jeff Daniels is absolutely amazing in it and the supporting cast does an amazing job breaking down what it is like to work for a huge news network during some of the biggest crisis situations. The great things about this show is they use real news events and clips for the show. It makes it real, relatable and well if you have watched as much news as I have in my life it is a revelation. 

This 8 minute intro was the best intro to a series that I have seen since LOST.

Watch Now.

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