Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Real Ke$ha Quotes

These are actually quite funny and disturbing at the same time. Here are some actual quotes from Ke$ha's Autobiography. 

"I have no idea how we ever get anything done because it seems as if all we do is talk about vintage T-shirts and boners."

"The Galapagos seemed like a place trapped in prehistoric time, and y’all know I love that shit."

"I’ve always felt connected to animals. And, yes, I include dinosaurs in this category. I think I wrote my first song about dinosaurs around age five. I wrote my most recent song about dinosaurs (aka greasy, scummy, old dudes) at age eighteen and it probably won’t be the last either."

"I left the venue to do a photo shoot for an MTV AIDS awareness campaign, and for a moment, as my fans were chasing the car down the cobblestone streets of the beautiful, old city, I felt like a unicorn. If only for a moment." (I mean lets be honest don't we all feel like unicorns at one time or another?)

"Iggy [Pop] was as cool and crazy as I could have imagined, and he was ready to get to work. He had already written a few verses for the song. My favorite included a line about cockroaches having sex in a garbage can."

"Yeah, I broke into Prince’s house to drop off one of my CDs, but I also hunted down dozens of other people I respected such as the Dust Brothers and Beck to try to get them to work with me. One time when I saw P. Diddy at a restaurant, I walked right up to him, handed him a CD, and told him that it was going to be the next new sh$#."

"I asked my fans to send me their teeth. I got so many that I made them into jewelry."

And there you have it. No real need to pick up the book now... you are welcome.

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