Monday, March 11, 2013

The Beatles' Secretary Speaks!

At the cool kids festival that I mentioned earlier (SXSW) a new documentary called "Good Ol' Freda" premiered and its about the Fab Four's loyal secretary... she has finally broken her silence. 

Click HERE for a great interview with the producer of the film.

ABV: What do you hope most for Freda with this film?
RW: Freda's reasons for doing the film are 100% genuine. I truly believe that she's making the film for one person: her grandson. She jokes that she's living on borrowed time. She thinks that she could pass away at any moment, and this kid will never know. She's never called it a movie or a film. She calls it "a little DVD." She pictures giving a DVD to her grandson, so one day he can watch it and understand. I think she clearly has an appreciation for Beatles fans and is happy to share the story with them. But I think when it comes down to it, it's for him. So I felt a responsible to make something really cool about his grandma that was honest and true. That's my main hope, that he gets to see it one day and say, "Wow. My grandma was really badass."

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