Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Voice Day One Reaction

Yup this happened last night. I watched the entire first episode of the NBC show called The Voice and I have a few reactions.

-First off I'm team Shakira all the way. Hands down. She is a lot of fun to watch, I can't understand half the things she says but she is hilarious.

-If Usher mentions one more time that he "discovered" Justin Beiber as a ploy to get people on his team I'm going to turn the entire thing off

-Adam Levine is still absolutely adorable. I'm pretty sure he is a douchebag in real life but he does make the show enjoyable to watch.

-Who is Blake Shelton? And why do people care about him? Did you know that he has won multiple awards in country music like artist of the year and male voice of the year? Seriously? Ugh. He is obviously my least favorite.

-Now to the contestants. Some of the people this year can SING. And not American Idol type talent, talent that numerous people who were on night one could leave the stage right now record and album and get a grammy within the first year. 

-I loved this cover of "Sexy and I Know It". Original and Brillant. 

-Next was a man singing "Knocking on Heaven's Door" was just great.

-This one threw down on a Whitney Houston song to the point where most of the judges had no clue he was a man. The reaction was priceless (doesn't show it on the video but none of the guys turned their chairs but when they did they were on their feet!)

-And finally may I introduce to you the winner of this years Voice 2013. Yes that is right. I have watched the first episode and I'm already declaring a winner. Hands down. Easily the best contestant any reality show has ever had besides Kelly Clarkson. Yes I just said that. Introducing to you Judith Hill. Remember that name. Watch this video. And get ready to be on your feet applauding at your desk. (FYI: The video cuts off right before she picks Team Adam). Lucky bastard.

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