Monday, January 18, 2010

The Blaire Reinhard Band

Now this is what I call a feel good post. This is a band that I have been following since their conception a few years back. The Blaire Reinhard Band (The BRB) comes right out of...wait what is that...Morristown NJ? Katie isn't that your hometown? Well kind of. I grew up with Blaire and her brother Grey in Morris Plains NJ a small neighborhood of Morristown where the cool kids rode their bikes to Tony's Pizza, remembers the ice cream shop Sprinkles, and sleigh rode down Mt. Way hill. Our families belonged to the same awesome pool, for a while the same church, we both lived up on "the hill" and all went to the best middle school around Borough. It was no surprise to anyone in town that this family had some musical talent. Blair and Grey were grandkids of Doc Severinsen, the former band leader and trumpet player for "The Tonight Show Band ft. Johnny Carson". Yeaaah so you can say that talent wasn't far from their bloodline.

From an early age these two showed off their talent for all things music; whether it was in plays at our church, at school recitals, the school band performances, it was a known fact that this family was definitely talented. This is why it was no surprise to me or anyone in our town when Blaire and her brother started up The BRB. Blaire had some success as a solo artist even releasing her own LP. Yet the magic really started when she joined together with Grey (piano/guitar) her husband Wade (bass/harmonica) and drummer Keith Woodward to form a band. Together these four make some unbelievable music together, lots of blues, jazz and soul music mixed with Blaires absolutely incredible voice and inventive lyrics makes this band one of a kind. They play a lot of local gigs in both Morristown and NYC and have had the opportunity to share the stage with some great performers like Blues Traveler front man John Popper. Their music has also made it onto such network shows as "So You Think You Can Dance", "Six Feet Under" and "Army Wives" to name a few.

I have yet to see them perform yet have heard from many people around my hometown that their shows are the "go to event" in town. And if you don't own it already their debut album is available from their website here (fyi: its really good!)

Its so nice to see people that you know succeed in what they love. Keep it up fellow Borough Beavers! (haha sorry I had to)

Here is their first official video for Gutterbottom Blues:

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