Friday, January 29, 2010

Grammy Awards

Well the Grammy Awards are this upcoming weekend and while I am super excited to see what exactly Lady Gaga will be wearing on this years red carpet (because lets admit it to ourselves, the Grammy red carpet with the glitter and the leather kicks the Oscars ass), I love the performances a little bit more. The Grammys are a time for people to make names for themselves, to either introduce themselves to the music world or remind the audience why they are there in the first place. There have been numerous amounts of memorable Grammy performances and moments so whats a better time then now to make a list!

Here are some of my all time favorite Grammy moments:

1. Christinas Closing Argument

Remember when people use to argue over who was better, Christina or Britney? No? Well, at one point there was a debate, and you could tell that Christinas camp was not all too happy about
it. She held more talent in her pinky then Britney did in her entire body and used the 2007 Grammys to put the debate to rest. Watch her insane rendition of James Brown's "Its a Man's Man's World" because its something that probably should not have worked, but somehow someway it did and it shot her into a league all of her own.

2. Dear World, Introducing Jennifer Lopez

Call me crazy but when it comes down to a non-fashion-expert like me, Jennifer Lopez's dress at the 2000 awards might be the most famous gown....ever. Plunging right below her navel and held in all the right places the Versace designed look was the statement that turned Jenny from the Block into the lady we now know as...J.Lo.

Here's what may have been going on in her head before the awards: "I'm going to be presenting, and I want a dress that will really get me noticed. I'm thinking something very low cut. No lower. Lower. LOWER! I want people to see my belly button, also most of my chest. Okay now I want a long slit up the bottom so people can see my legs. Longer. LONGER! What are you talking about, this does not at all look like a cheap
vacation saraong purchased at a Sandals Resort gift shop. This is Versace, people!

3. Marvin Gaye Finally Gets His

It had been years since Motown superstar Marvin Gaye's last hit. By the time of his 1982 album, Sexual Healing, he had been nominated for several awards, with no wins. Not one!! But when the album's title song became a runaway smash hit, Marvin Gaye had his comback tune. He won two Grammys that night in 1983 (everyone knew he deserved it, look at the standing Ovation). Bravo!

4. Soy Bomb!!

Bob Dylan was in top form during the 1998 Grammy Awards. His most recent studio album, Time Out of Mind, had earned rave reviews and multiple Grammy nominations, including "Album of the Year" (which it would win later that night). The legendary singer took the stage to perform "Love Sick," a dark and haunting song about — wait, does that say 'SOY BOMB?'

What was to be Dylan's comeback performance suddenly turned ridiculous when a shirtless man jumped on stage and writhed around with the phrase 'Soy Bomb' scrawled across his scrawny chest. What did it mean? Why did he do it? Was it a plea for a more tofu-friendly diet? What was going on?

Dylan glanced over at his impromptu stage partner with a worried, "Woah, where did that come from?" look, slowly inching away as he kept playing. Soy Bomb (a.k.a. New York City-based performance artist Michael Portnoy, who pulled the stunt...well, it's a rather long explanation) lasted the better part of a minute before being whisked away by security.

5. The Unveiling of the Glove

Michael Jackson won a record eight Grammys in February 1984. Rightly so, as Thriller is one of the biggest-selling, most popular albums ever. Jacko put in quite a performance that night, however, unveiling his now-iconic single sequined glove and showing up with Elizabeth Taylor (and no, 25 years later, we still don't understand) as his date. Nowadays, it's almost quaint to watch Michael try to please "the girls in the back." Sure, Michael.

6. MY FAVORITE - Dixie Chicks Make Nice

The Dixie Chicks sang "Not Ready to Make Nice," but the Grammy Awards were certainly ready to make them winners, honoring the trio with five awards in 2007. The Chicks, who ignited controversy in 2004 when lead singer Natalie Maines criticized President Bush on the eve of the Iraq war, won all five of the awards for which they were nominated, including the big three: album of the year (for "Taking the Long Way"), song of the year and record of the year (both for "Not Ready to Make Nice"). Bringing the total Grammys for this talented trio to a staggering 13.

Now some may laugh that this is my favorite Grammy award moment, but there is a reason. The performance. That night those girls took to the stage to put a lid on all of their haters. For the past four years before this they had taken a public relations beating when they used their freedom of speech to criticize our then President Bush. How they responded to this controversy was by taking the high road, sticking to what they know, and putting out what was the Record of the Year. Their performance of their hit "Not Ready To Make Nice", had me standing up cheering on my couch.

If you need another reason, fast forward to minute 2:50 to see a brave brave performance! Way to go Girls!


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