Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Song of the Day

To anyone who lives around my apartment building will know of my recent purchase of "Beatles Rockband" for my Wii. Yes, it truly is as amazing as it sounds, you sing play guitar and drum along to 50 of the greatest Beatles tunes in history. Now I knew I would love this game but I didn't know how much...

I LOOOOOOVE IT! It not only has re-newed my strong love for everything Beatles. It has opened up the gates again to my mother (the worlds biggest Beatles fan in my opinion) and my quest to get every Beatles story out of her possible. After playing for two hours I quickly called my mother to discuss the question in every Beatles fans head..."How can John be your favorite when George is the man!
" We laughed for hours, its so nice to have something in both our lives that we both love and understand. It makes me really happy.

So does this song...which is one of my favorite Beatles tunes ever.

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