Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jennifer Hudson

To anyone who knows me I am a huge Beatles fan. I really do not enjoy many peoples covers of their songs, and especially hate when phone companies like blackberry or huge mega stores like Target use their songs for their commercials. I really do not think when John Lennon was penning "Revolution" he was thinking about the 7.99 tank tops for sale at Target. Sigh.

Anyways, to that note, I will give respect to those artists that take a Beatles song and really does it justice. There are not many out there with the talent to really sing these songs with meaning but Friday night I stumbled upon another one. While watching the amazing telethon "Hope for Haiti" (to all who have not donated, go to itunes and download the cd performances for about 8 dollars. Great music for a great cause).

So towards the end of the 2 hour show, Jennifer Hudson came out and stole the entire show with her rendition of "Let it Be". Please take the time to watch this video and the amazing vocal power of Jennifers voice. I have adored her since she was booted too early from American Idol. I believe she will endure for decades and decades to be the voice of my generation.

Don't believe me? Make sure you watch the video at the 2:20 mark where her performance really takes off. I can't stop watching it.

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  1. My girl Jhud was just simply amazing. A voice like no other, but maybe a cross between several. She also really looks great. Jennifer is one out of very few artist who can take someone song and make their very own.