Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Suit Up!

Yes I know this is a music blog but today I'm dedicating one of these posts to one of my favorite TV shows "How I Met Your Mother". On Monday night they did a musical number that was nothing short of spectacular. The theme of this song? Well obviously if you watch the shows its about Barney (Neil Patrick Harris aka Doogie Houser) and his love of suits.

If you do not know the story of Barney and his suits please see this short video:

As you can clearly see Barney and his love of suits has stretched throughout the length of the series (approx. 4 seasons). On Monday, they celebrated their 100th episode, and why celebrate with a musical number all about Barney's suits! Watch this video and you will see why I love this show so much. Its smart, funny, orignial and gives the opportunity for talented people like NPH to get out there and flex his fabulous singing voice. Bravo cast and crew bravo. Here is to 100 more episodes!

Now you may go and....SUIT UP!

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