Monday, January 18, 2010

I See You

As I sat there last night watching the Golden Globes (which I may add was a little bit of a disappointment. I don't know if it was the rain that ruined my chance to be catty with the celebrities choice of dresses, maybe it was Ricky Gervais who seemed to hold back a little too much. Or maybe it was the lack of big picture nominees which grabbed our attention this year. Who knows but it all felt a bit off.) ANYWAYS, as always I had seen a good 90% of the movies and was ready to go with my picks for the night. The night was going just as planned, Meryl Streep won, Jeff Bridges won, Sandra Bullock won all great winners.

Then it came to one of my favorite categories, best song. While I was excited to see the nominees, you even had Paul McCartney as a nominee. Who won you ask? Well it was a small singer songwriter named Ryan Bingham with his song "The Weary Kind". While I was happy to see a relatively unknown win this category and make his career right there on the stage. And not to sound like Kanye West, but "while I know that song was really good, the song from Avatar should have definitely won!". And I'm serious. I loved Avatar, I loved almost everything about the 3 hour epic film. Do I think it deserved Best Director? Yes. Do I think it deserved Best Picture? Absolutely not, Hurt Locker did but did it deserve Best Song? HANDS DOWN.

Watch this song and tell me it doesn't remind you of another one of James Cameron epic soundtracks "My Heart Will Go On". Yeah I just said that, epic soundtrack. You can not deny the impact of that song for that movie. Thats what best songs are all about, those few songs that paired with the right movie make for an unbelievable moment.

This is my vote for song of the year! Good luck at the Oscars.

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