Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Dodos

The Dodos are an American indie rock band consisting of Meric Long, Keaton Snyder and Logan Kroeber. Starting out as mostly individual singer songwriters from southern California, they came together to form the band in 2005. Since then they have been making small tours and playing small festivals throughout the US.

They are known for using an alternate instrumental approach. Logan Kroeber plays on a drum kit without a bass drum, playing often on the rims of the drums, and also uses a tambourine taped to his shoe. During live performances they have Keaton Snyder playing a vibraphone, a drum and two cymbals placed on each other (like a hihat). Meric Long plays mainly acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars during performances, but he also owns a Springtime and a Tafelberg drum guitar built by Yuri Landman. Either way its a fun band to watch.

Keep your eye out for these guys moving forward. I have a feeling its not the last time you will hear of The Dodos.

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