Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Beards In Music

Well last week I brought you to the poll going on over at Rolling Stone Magazine about who has the best beards in music and well I'm happy to let you know I finally have a list for you. 

Here it goes and again not my list but the public. Don't get mad at me. 

1. ZZ Top (duh!)
2. Andy Williams from Every Time I Die
3. Tim Millar from Protest the Hero
4. Sam Beam from Iron & Wine
5. Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra (picture above)
6. Jamey Johnson
7. Sky White from Foxy Shazam 
8. Josh T. Pearson from Lift to Experience
9. Shavo from System of a Down
10. George Harrison 
11. Devendra Banhart
12. Tony Kaye
13. Rick Ruben
14. Ben Bridewell from Band of Horses
15. Kerry King of Slayer

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