Thursday, May 3, 2012

Damn You NBC!

Last night there was something missing. At 8:30 I sat down on my couch and turned on the tv and for a moment I had forgotten that NBC canceled my new favorite show. No more will "Best Friends Forever" be on my tv screen and well even though they only played four episodes, I will still miss it. 

It was smart, quirky and funny. It was a story about two best friends who lived across the country from each other then one goes through a big break-up, ends up moving back to ny and back into the apartment she shared with her best friend for years. Only one thing has changed, her new live in boyfriend was now there 24/7. It was a great premise and the actors were fabulous. 

Damn you NBC for not promoting or giving this show a chance. Boo.

I mean when again will I find an exchange like this on tv:
Jessica: "If I was a professional jockey, and I took three years off, and then you put me on that horse, I woudl not be able to do it"
Lennon: "Yeah, but there would be nothing else that you could do because you'd be such a tiny man"

RIP Best Friends Forever. 

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