Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Will Never Watch Hockey Again

Last night I watched the first full hockey game in about 15 years. My family used to be really into the sport, we used to go to Devils games (although I was always a Rangers fan), and on most weekends you would find us in some random hockey rink in NJ rooting on one of my brothers teams. 

Yet then the strike happened. 

I never really got back into the sport after that. It just became to hard to watch on TV and when I moved out of NJ I moved out of range of actually going to games. So my love for the sport just died. Well last night my Rangers were in a playoff game vs the Capitols and I thought... 'why not watch the game?' Well I will never ask that question again. I sat down to watch the game at 7:30. 3OT's later do you know what time the game ended??? 12:20! It was insane. 

For most people they would use words like, wow, awesome, great game. Not me. By the end I just wanted to go to bed and I refused to turn it off knowing that a goal would be scored at that exact moment. So I kept watching... and watching... and watching... and now I am paying for it here at work with a huge lack of sleep. 

Only upside to this story. Rangers won. 

I guess yay. :)

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