Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Jack Black Interview in Rolling Stone

The song "Rock is Dead" is one of the features of the new Tenacious D album that is set to be released. In an interview with Rolling Stone Jack Black explains his inspiration for writing the tune, and its pretty simple. He is saddened by the lack of good groups out there today, and I can't agree more with his interview.

"When you think about rock at it's origin, and you think of The Beatles and millions of kids screaming as loud as they can and running as fast as they can towards The Beatles, there is no one who is that kind of lighting rod, who commands that kind of power and has that kind of creative magma. I contend that the last band to have that kind of power, I'm gonna say, was Nirvana. Who since Nirvana has been as big as Nirvana, in that way?"

He goes on to state that he is also in fact a huge fan of Jack White. "Whatever he does is worth checking out, and his archnemesis, The Black Keys, are also tremendous. The Foo Fighters, I love me some Foos but rock music does get thin after that". 

Tenacious D are currently streaming their new album 'Rize of the Fenix' online in full, the record comes out in stores in mid-may.

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