Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Ween

"There are things in my life that no one can understand except Aaron" - This is what Mickey Melchiondo noted of his bandmate Aaron Freeman when they (also known by their stage names Dean and Gene Ween) put out their last album, La Cucaracha. "We kind of have a parallel life. We went through everything together: junior high school, being broke, getting evicted, meeting our wives, and ex wives, having kids. we make, penny-for-penny, the same income, because we don't do anything other than the band. He is like my brother. And a lot of getting this record together was getting back to that. But there are other things were I can talk to anyone but Aaron."

This is by far my favorite quote that I had ever read about the band Ween. It shows how connected these two men were on a level that most of us will ever be lucky enough to understand. Which is why it saddens me to relay the news of them breaking up this week. From the looks of it, it was an amicable split. Just time to do something else. But I for one will not be quick to forget the band that formed after these two met in an eighth grade typing class. 

In their 25 year run they released 17 studio and independent albums, as well as six live recordings. The band was known for its eclectic mix of sounds, from rock to pop to heavy metal to prog rock and electric. They were really a band for everyone. 

I would be wrong not to admit that Phish is what really got me into Ween. They loved covering their songs and that in turn made me more aware and in awe of what these men did. I am also lucky enough to say that I did have the opportunity to see them play live while I was in college and it was a treat. 

Ween you will be missed! 

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