Friday, May 4, 2012

RIP Falling Bear

Such a sad day. Last Friday I brought you one of my favorite pictures of all time of.... "Falling Bear".. well sadly the bear died. The statement is below.... 

"Just a week after becoming famous for falling out of a tree after being tranquilized on the University of Colorado campus, "Falling Bear" has been struck and killed by a car. Falling Bear met its doom on U.S. Highway 36 near Boulder early Thursday morning. A snapshot of its fall from the tree last week went viral after it was posted, sparking a now-resolved fight over ownership rights to the photo and quickly leading to a falling bear meme.
The bear famously tranquilized on the University of Colorado campus last week, and immortalized in a viral photo by CU student Andy Duann, met a tragic death early Thursday in the Denver-bound lanes of U.S. 36. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said a 280-pound black bear that died on U.S. 36 after being hit by a car at about 5:40 a.m. Thursday was the same bear that became known worldwide last week after wandering onto the CU campus near the Williams Village dorm complex."

RIP Falling Bear

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