Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Happened?

Meet Matt Nathanson, you may have heard his name for some of his song have hit the radio pretty big. But like most artists, its his underground work, the stuff made years and years ago that really is his best. Like this song "Bulletproof Weeks".

Many interpret this is a song about the end of a long relationship when he misses those carefree happy days, about looking back. I see it a little different.

I see it about looking back but not at a relationship but at a world. At NYC in general (so many nyc references). I think its about the world before 9/11. About a simpler time, a time when you could hear the trains outside your window, where lovers are playing in the streets without a care or a worry. Its a time that most of us would like to go back to, and its not wrong to sometimes sit back and ask, what happened to that?

To each its own.


  1. Hey, nice blog! I pretty much do the same type of thing, just writing about songs I like and such. Just not as much haha. But it's definitely cool to find another blog like mine.

    Personally, I think Bulletproof Weeks is about going back to an innocence. If you think the innocence is in the world or early in love or whatever kind of determines what you think the song's about. So I'm probably a little biased cause of my own life but I do think it's about a breakup. But to each, their own :)

  2. Hey Ian,

    Just checked out your site! Very cool indeed. Always nice to see other blogs out there dedicated to good music.

    I hear you on the Bulletproof Weeks, its definitely the kind of song that is open to many different interpretations (like most great music). I guess I feel the attraction to NYC because of the references to the song and well I grew up right outside of the city, so when thinking about going back to an innocence I go right back to pre-9/11.

    Look forward to reading more from your blog (ps your layout is much cooler than mine)