Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Want You To Be Happy

So last night I took my car after work picked up a few friends and headed about 100 miles south to Portsmouth, Va with one mission. Get this summer kicked off right with a sick Phish show.

Well I was not disappointed one bit. Its been since early December that I have last seen my favorite band and well you can say that at least the last two months have been a little off kilter. So as you can imagine I was ready to get my head back into a good place with some good music. Because believe it or not this is what this band does to me. Its music literally sooths my soul to the point that anything and everything in my life gets put perfectly back into its place. Things make sense when I'm at these shows. The music leaps off the stage it fills my ears and just like that the world is a little brighter. This is why I see Phish shows. This and the fact that its just the best enviroment ever. Last night everywhere I turned there was someone else I knew. Because thats what happens when you've been seeing Phish at the same places for 10 years. It all becomes familiar, the people the venues, everything and everyone is there for one reason and one reason only. To party down.

I would not have picked anywhere else in the world to be last night at all. Nowhere.

Also, I knew that last night was special when this song came up. While yes, it is NOT their best song. Its not at all. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the way that this song came up. My first show back. My head needed these lyrics. It needed to hear this. And like I said, just like that everything was back in its place.

Because this band gets it. They "want me to be happy and not live inside the gloom, they want me to be happy"

Thats as simple a sign gets.... agreed?

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