Thursday, June 24, 2010

Space Bound

Last night I spent the majority of my evening researching some new music. First I threw it back to high school when I downloaded the new Eminem album recovery. Like I said last night and I'll say it again, I think everyone who is a rap fan should enjoy this album. He is back to his old sound. Hes done rapping about stupid things and is back to the lyrics that made him famous. The real lyrics. The ones that put him in a league with only a handful of others known as the "best around". Above the song Space Bound is quickly becoming my favorite new tune. Check it out above.

The second thing I did last night (since I was in a rap mood) is I watched a documentary about the up and coming new rap superstar "Drake". It was kind of like an MTV Diary of sorts. It followed him around during the process of him putting out his first album (Dropped last week). Now say what you would like about Drake (the jury is still out for me) but you have to give the kid credit. Thats right hes a kid. Hes a kid who somehow, someway caught the eyes of some of the best rappers in the game and has been put on a pedistool from these guys (like, Jay-Z, Kayne and Lil Wayne) as the "future of rap". This wouldn't be too far fetched, well if the kid even had an album out to back him up. Until last week, there was no album, it was all talk and mix tapes.

This kid was walking around huge stadiums, opening up for legendary acts and basically having the road paved for him ON MIX TAPES. That is just unheard of.

I know there are a lot like me who think that the jury is still out on this kid. But the documentary was interesting. It was very weird to see someone at the forefront of his career, yet not having much room to go... he is already at the top. But I will sit here watching and waiting patiently to see how his story unfolds. Will he carry the torch of these superstars, is he as good as they all say? Well I think at the age of 23 its a little premature, but hey go for it.

Below is his first single off his new album titled "Over". And yes I will admit to bobbing my head to this tune once or twice.

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