Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Brown MJ's Tribute

Bravo to BET and to Chris Brown for their tribute to Michael Jackson on Sunday night. Last year during this award show (which aired literally the weekend after Jackson passed), they did a half ass attempt to pay tribute to the legend but failed miserably. This is why I am happy to see them redeem themselves by calling upon the one person in the game that can channel MJ better than anyone. Yes anyone.

I am talking about Chris Brown. We all know that Chris has had his problems as of late (big problems) but you can not deny the talent of this kid. The first four minutes of this video is literally the best MJ dancing I have seen ever. Then the end when he breaks down during "Man in the Mirror" shows how human this KID is. Yes kid. Hes very very young. Bravo to Chris Brown for the courage, bravo to BET for taking the chance on him and bravo to the fans for embracing him. While yes, he still has a way to go to win his way back into the puplic spotlight. This was a good start.

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