Monday, June 7, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne is Crazy!

How is this dude still kicking, on a recent interview with the infamous Ozzy Osbourne talked about some of the things that even surprises him. Including "the fact that I'm still alive".

Check out the list of things Osbourne says he has survived:
1. Knocking back four bottles of cognac a day
2. Swallowing 42 types of prescription drugs during filming The Osbournes

3. Overdoses
4. Being hit by a plane (which crashed into his tour bus while he was sleeping)
5. A rare genetic condition causing a Parkinsonian-like tremor
6. Seizures
7. Rabies treatment after eating a bat
8. Cataracts
9. Smoking cigars like cigarettes
10. A stay at a mental asylum
11. A broken neck from a quad accident
12. Always getting stoned

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