Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is back with a new #1 album called "To the Sea" as a dedication to his father, a famous pro surfer who passed last year. The album pays homage to the place where they called home. The pacific island. Johnson says about the title "I guess it's a reference to a father leading his son to the sea, with the water representing the subconscious. So it's about trying to go beneath the surface and understand yourself". And thats just what he does in this album.

He took the catchy acoustic songs for which he has made his name. And put some really meaningful lyrics behind these simple tunes. Oh and did I mention how just great of a guy Jack is. The proceeds from this album sale will go directly to charity. Now thats a dedication his father can be proud of.

This first video for the song "You and Your Heart" shows exactly who Jack Johnson is. Just a simple surfer from California who moved out to Hawaii and just lives his life. Simply.

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