Wednesday, June 30, 2010

THE Lauryn Hill Interview

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Well I have been waiting for this interview for about 10 years or so... at least. Lauryn Hill is hands down one of my favorite artists to ever grab a microphone. I was first introduced to her talent during her time with the Fugee's a group that comes from my home state of NJ and a group that still goes down in history as the sickest trio of rapper/singers ever. From there Lauryn made a name for herself in the music industry as an outspoken, beautiful talent. A talent to the likes that we have never seen before. Her debut solo album, the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill still ranks to this day as one of the top 25 albums ever (on my list).

Quickly after that record things went downhill and fast for Hill. Her decline was as fast as her rise to stardom. After a few missteps in the press, and saying things that she probably shouldn't have, she disappeared. And not disappeared as they do these days in hollywood and drop out for a few years. Hill was GONE. She did not surface for years. She married, had a child, changed her world and started living by her own rules completely. She was changed. She was not the Lauryn Hill that people had come to know, she was a new person. Yet one thing was still the same, her Passion.

This interview by NPR is probably the best one that I have ever read. The way that this author is literally chasing down Lauryn Hill to talk to her and then at the end just sits in the stairway and cries because of the conversation he finally got. Its quite perfect.

A back up singer on her debut album once said: "I would just stare at her, like, look in her mouth! Because when you hear her sing, and then hear her speak — it had such power and volume and rasp. It was something to strive for."

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