Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ahhh! Justin Beiber and Phish In Same Article

Oh My Goodness.
My world just exploded. Man my brother is going to love this one.

Justin Beiber and Phish are in the same Rolling Stone article. Sinking in?
Let me explain.

To the right you see Justin Bieber and his music director and lead guitarist Dan Kanter at Dan's wedding in October. After being asked to front Biebers band a few years back Dan, a self professed Phish Head, took the gig immediately. 

"We both played drums, are from Canada and like hockey, so we really hit it off. I didn't know really then how big it would become." Since then he has worked on Biebers albums, appeared in his movie, and now is playing venues from Wembley Stadium to MSG" Recently he sat down with R.S. to explain how he is trying to influence Bieber with some different genres.

Here in the article is where it took a left turn.

 Is he a Dylan fan at all?
Through me, he’s gotten into Bob Dylan. I just walked into his dressing room the other day and he was blasting “All Along the Watchtower.” He likes Michael Jackson as much as he likes Metallica, and he’s into all sorts of hip-hop. He’s also going through a huge Beatles phase right now, and I’m trying to teach him about Phish and how great they are. We actually met Trey [Anastasio] at a show. He brought his daughter to see a Bieber show, and what a world colliding there that was.
I’ll say. What was that like?
It was quite funny. Scooter [Braun, Bieber’s manager], said to Justin, “This is the reason why all my friends dropped out of college.”


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