Friday, February 11, 2011

Hero of the Day: Del. Joe Morrissey

I take a moment out of my music blog to talk politics for one second.

Today I bring to you... my Hero of the Day! Del. Joe Morrissey from Henrico, Virginia who fights for what he believes in. Big thanks to my friend Beth for pointing this out. 

Full article HERE

Basically the story goes that a bill was introduced in Virginia that would ban gays from serving in the Virginia National Guard. When the bill was introduced Del. Marshall was allowed 55 minutes with numerous witness testimonies to prove why they should be banned. When it came time for Del. Morrissey who was firmly against the ban to speak, he was told to sit down before he even got to the podium. He was not allowed 55 seconds to defend the rights of the citizens of his state. 

It was wrong. Unbelievable. And typical for Virginia politics. 

This is where Del. Morrissey earned his "hero" status. Instead of going quietly into the night without a fight. He did something. Something big. While on the floor yesterday, he finally got his turn to address what had happened to him. And how he felt the bill was "backwards". Just listen to him. 

Thank you Joe for making Virginia Politics something I can believe in!

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