Friday, February 11, 2011

For You Amy

"There are too many things I haven't done yet...too many sunsets I haven't seen"

This is for my friend Amy. Who I feel that I have failed as a friend and music lover since she had yet to hear of one of my favorite artists until visiting this blog last week. 

Amy I'm sorry you have missed out on Sara's music for years. I promise that I burned all three of her cds for you last night and will bring them to you soon! 

For now enjoy another shout out to one of my favorites. 

Sara Bareilles doesn't get enough credit for what she does. She is simple. She is talented. Her music is natural. And she does not need the help of big equipment or sound effects to make her voice sound real. She is real. For example halfway through the video below she forgets the lyrics to just bounce back with a smile and a laugh. Because in reality normal people make mistakes and these artists at the end of the day are just people. Who are insanely talented. 

So Amy...I'm sorry! Watch the video below. Its probably my favorite song of hers from her first album. 


UPDATE: I need to add another video just because.

Check out Sara's take on the Beatles classic 'Oh Darlin' during a session at Abbey Road Studios in London.
This really shows her talent. It is Sara. A microphone. And a guitar. The fab four would have approved.

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