Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fix You

Every summer I get really into this one tv show. Its really the only tv show during the summer months that I make sure to tape so that I can have it to watch at my disposal. It mixes some of my favorite things in the world and brings it to one stage. If the name So You Think You Can Dance, makes you think of a show you would not be caught dead watching. I really think you should take another look.

This show is for real.

Unlike American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, they bring out REAL DANCERS. Trained dancers. Dancers who are not trying to just make it, they are fantastic and are now just trying to get noticed. Big difference. Every year they introduce us to a crop of about 8-10 really fantastic dancers. They are matched with some of the best choreographer in the country and in a week time end up with dance pieces that are beyond beautiful. They range from hip-hop, to Bollywood, jazz, and contemporary, tap and even the samba. These dancers are pushed beyond their limit to find their true ability. That is why I love this show.

That and usually once or maybe twice a season you get that perfect match. The match of great dancers, with a choreographer telling a story, and the music just plays in perfect tune. It makes a magical piece. One that just brings you to silence and makes you stare at your tv screen.

This happened last week. In a piece by Travis Wall these two dancers took to the stage to tell a specific story. The story of Travis's mother's battle with illness and Travis's struggle as a son to keep her spirits going. I swear something came over these two dancers and what they did on this stage was unbelievable. The emotion that falls out of Allison's face is unlike anything I have ever seen before. This is defiantly the moment of the summer for this show.... beautiful.

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