Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Killing In The Name Of...

Well as I gather myself from an epic 4th of July weekend complete with beers, the river, more beers, hot sun, more beers, my car being smashed into and well a lot of sleep I'm back.

And as I gather myself I'm also trying to figure out all of the issues I seem to be having with my fonts lately on this site. I mentioned before that I got a new Apple laptop that I've been posting from and well my work computer is very slow and stupid. The combo of the both have left this blog in editing hell. So yea I apologize for that. And for a treat here is what is an EPIC THROWDOWN from Phish's 4th of July show down near Atlanta. Harpua>Killing In the Name of>Harpua.

Watch the crowd go friggin nuts around the 5:00 point in this video. What I would have given to be in the middle of this madness!!! Ahhhh! So great!!

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