Friday, July 2, 2010

Jimi Hendrix

The time. Woodstock 1969. The artist. The legendary Jimi Hendrix.

He walked up on stage with just his guitar and like usual the audience had no idea what it was about to see. He starts off just ripping into the Star Spangled Banner, it was fully instrumental. It started sounding just as the original, he was even giving the peace sign to the crow... then he came to the part where the words "And the rockets red glare" and he just went off. What he did to his guitar for the next three minutes would never be duplicated again. For generations to follow they will look back at this performance as inspiring, epic, perfect, insane just about every word to describe "fantastic". This performance was it. It proved to the world just who Jimi was and showed exactly what he was all about.

It gets more and more amazing every time I see it.

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