Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tales of Hippie Crack

So anyone who goes to any of the fun summer festivals has seen the entire seen been run over by the "Nitrous Mafia". They control parking lots, they pop up out of bushes, they look like they don't belong yet over and over again in festivals up and down the east coast (especially in Philly) these people make themselves known.

Not much has been done about this group "thugs" for years and years.... well that is until now. The Village Voice published an article recently detailing this current problem and really exposed the inside operations of the entire crew.

Its a very interesting article and the effects of the article are far and wide. Reports from All Good festival this weekend said "no sign of any tanks". Maybe these people have been found out? Scared? Probably not. To be able to pull down hundreds of thousands of dollars each festival will mean we will be dealing with the multicolored balloon scene for a long time.

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