Monday, July 5, 2010

Loving You Is Easy

Well she has hit this title right on the head. Sarah McLachlan it is easy to love you... especially when you have been gone for so long!

As a girl that grew up on her Lilith Fair, its nice to see Sarah back in the music scene. She brings the beauty, the lyrics and well the class back into pop music. Shes been doing it forever, we all know her classics "I Will Remember You" and "Angel" but this new lighter tune is a great one to bring her back to her fans. Its light, its easy and well it shows off whats so great about Sarah's music. Its completely understated.

Its great music, mixed with fantastic lyrics in a neat little package. I was happy to see this video today.

Oh and yes, hope everyone had a great 4th and was able to be outside (even in the blistering heat here in Richmond)

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