Monday, July 19, 2010

Steve Poltz

On Saturday night I spent a good portion of my evening playing music on my deck. Its one of my most favorite things to do. All it is is me, the night sky, my radio and some old friends. And by old friends I mean my music.

Its a funny thing when you find peace. Its a quiet place once you find it, and once you are there you would do just about anything to hold on to it. For a moment that night I found my peace. I found my purpose and I felt complete. It was a funny feeling. Everything just seemed right.

I remember this moment because of this song. This song was on the radio around this moment. I remember thinking about how lucky I was to have all the things I have in my life and just sat there thinking of all of them. My great job, my amazing family and wonderful friends, an apartment to call my own, a pint of ice cream next to a bottle of vodka in the fridge, a weekend full of nothing. Was I lucky to be in that moment? Absolutely. Yet I was even luckier to realize it while the moment was happening.

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